Pakistan is a beautiful country essay

pakistan is a beautiful country essay

foreign countries. I may not live in Pakistan anymore but that doesnt mean I dont love it or have forgotten my country. 26 Pakistan has four seasons : a cool, dry winter from December through February; a hot, dry spring from March through May; the summer rainy season, or southwest monsoon period, from June through September; and the retreating monsoon period of October and November. 15 16 The growth poles of the Pakistani economy are situated along the Indus River.

pakistan is a beautiful country essay

There are many earthquakes in the area. Administrative divisions change change source Main articles: Administrative units of Pakistan and Districts of Pakistan Pakistan is made up of four provinces, two territories and two special areas. I am taking this opportunity to share with the readers a few beautiful places I have visited, which were simply astounding and have instilled in me the desire to know more about my country. A Pakistani living in the United States, cricket enthusiast, blogger and freelance writer who loves traveling and history. Here are a few of the questions asked, Do people kill in Pakistan for fun? "Where is the Middle East?".

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