Discursive essay on boxing

discursive essay on boxing

of underage mothers hail from. This can aid people's understanding and tolerance of each other. Among getting hurt and improving your speed and physical condition, boxing can help improve many other things. Finally the reason for boxing to stay alive is the entertainment and income boxing provides, as boxing is one of the most loved sports of all time and have fans that dedicate there life to the sport who travel round the world for 12 rounds. This has caused an outrage in parents everywhere as the schools have done this without consulting them first. One reason to ban boxing is the fact that it is thought to have long term health effects to the boxer, diseases such as alzhezmers disease and Parkinsons disease is common to a boxer as it is caused by numerous blows to the head which. Many people have hidden talents of all sorts. There is always a silent respect between boxers. Lately, however, it has been a major health fitness trend for women. Boxing is a sport that is adored by millions of people all over the world, it is a contact sport in which the fighting style is called MMA (mixed martial arts Boxing includes two participants called fighters who battle it out in a series.

It encourages them because it allows them to have sex without the worry of getting pregnant. All you need is a weight class. Though the government has told school nurses to issue the morning after pill to teenage students across the nation in an attempt to tackle teenage pregnancy. As far as education is concerned, sport is an important part of every child's schooling, as it plays a big role in both their physical and mental development. Issuing the pill to underage girls would be a terrible idea as it would probably lead to more underage mothers across the nation. If they are given out to one girl at a time then the girls might not know what to do properly or might not want to talk to their friends about. In todays twenty first century the young girls of the not so well off places are starting to have underage sex.

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They never used to use gloves with padding. Not only this but it would end up creating incongruous girls that have barely just learnt how to do their multiplication tables. Now more than ever, sport events dominate headlines and athletes have become national heroes. His view on it was the same as many and pointed out the fact that the pill can create many more pregnant teenagers. Probably not now those studies have found that it can raise pregnancy in teens higher than without. Other doctors are saying giving out pill to schools is a great idea but only as a wide programme. Is making the pill easier to acquire for young girls the best idea to cut teenage pregnancy down? This would benefit their own lives as it wouldnt put pressure on them and they would be able to focus on schoolwork and other things that could help them have a better life. Though in saying this the person that would benefit from stopping teenage pregnancy would be the child itself.

Barbaric- words that are used to describe a modern day sport were the aim is to injure your opponent- boxing.
Boxing was originated in Ancient Greece and has been a popular sport ever since, especialy for men.
Lately, however, it has been a major health fitness trend for.
In this essay I am going to talk about boxing.

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