Electoral college pros and cons essay

electoral college pros and cons essay

campaign effort from presidential candidates. They need to be changed, as is the case in every generation. One can make the case that not all existing constitutional rules are appropriate today. . Therefore, they maintain that the.C. Words: 277 Pages: 2 Pros And Cons Of Online Or For-Profit Universities way to do that than research the pros and cons of each one.

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Of course, the.C. . The reason the Electoral College debate never ends is because there are good arguments both for and against. A win depends on how many points are on the official scoreboard, not on how many yards have been covered. means violation of political equality, but it does result in representation of a geographically broader and more diverse base than does a simple popular vote. Geoffrey Smith Casting Votes: Retaining The Electoral College Most people remember the existence of The Electoral College as one of those obscure lessons from. Words: 5623 Pages: 23 Pro And Cons pros and cons of an online education www. Voters choose the electors, who are then expected to vote their party lines in the second phase of the election, which occurs in December. Smaller States can turn out to be 'swing states' and needlessly fluctuate the cumulative decision. It is understood by all that the Declaration of Independence says prudence dictates that the government, and constitutional rules, not be changed for light and transient causes, yet it is right and a duty to change what is improper and undemocratic. The two-party political structure in the US is maintained through the Electoral College. If the United States elected by popular vote, candidates might phd thesis on continuous and comprehensive evaluation focus their attention on highly populated areas and ignore smaller, rural areas. It votes without tumult and disorder, avoiding both passion and interests.