Integrative research paper

integrative research paper

data collection( 8, 9 ). From bombings to cases of violence connected to terrorism, discussing it while horrible can be interesting just the same. 3rd phase: data collection To extract data from the articles selected, it is necessary to use a previously prepared instrument that is able to assure collection of all relevant data, to minimize the risk of errors in transcription, to guarantee precision when checking information and. The chart 1 represents the specifications of each article. Some of the topics you can consider are: Hate crimes.

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Hence, it is fundamental to differentiate it from other existing lines of studies. Chart 1 Articles surveyed in the databases lilacs and medline on integrative review. The clinical experience of the researcher contributes to check validity of the methods and results, and helps determining their usefulness in practice( 1, 9 ). Politics, politics will always be an interesting topic to discuss. Discussion Integrative review determines current knowledge about a meaning thesis statement specific topic because it is carried out to identify, analyze and synthesize results of independent studies on the same subject, thus contributing to a possible beneficial repercussion on quality of care delivered to patients( 1 ). To assist in choosing the best possible evidence, a hierarchy of evidence is proposed, based on the design of the research, which is one of the items to be analyzed in this phase( 7 ). First, the studies should be divided into subgroups according to a previously established classification, aiming to facilitate the analysis. If you do not want to make it hard on yourself, you can always go for general topics so that it will be easier to look for references and sources. It determines integrative review, presents its purposes and describes its phases. Originated from the works by the epidemiologist Archie Cochrane, EBP is characterized by an approach of clinical care and teaching based on knowledge about evidence and its quality. The following step is the visualization of data, that is, converting the findings into a visual form of subgroups.

integrative research paper

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