Characteristics of a teacher essay

characteristics of a teacher essay

States Marine Corps and this is exactly what I did. The conclusion that I have drawn is that it really does not matter. I tell you all of this because she is the inspiration of my desire to become a teacher. She would not tell us that our work was great if show more content.

According to Harry Wong, "You are important to me as a person. The time I spent in cedar lake oaks sessay the Marine Corps taught me that no one had the knowledge to fix everything but if you would put a group of us together we could fix anything. In fact, I grew up not respecting most of my teachers. The teaching community should be a place of joy and sharing. 1336 Words 6 Pages, as I was growing up, I never pictured myself as a teacher. Students should also be treated fairly. First of all, a teacher works with young people not with robots. Teachers have to know and understand their students so that they can meet their needs in a fair manor. Use an editor to spell check essay. I will try to put the answer in my own words.

characteristics of a teacher essay

Teachers, especially at the elementary level, must.
It is difficult to keep the attention of children when teaching.
A good teacher needs particular characteristics such as being a good listener.
Write an essay about the characteristics of a good teacher.