Advantages and disadvantages of machines essay

advantages and disadvantages of machines essay

be paid as overtime. Machines are not governed by labor laws and hence do not have to comply with laws about rest days or overtime. Low cost of production. Machines can wear out if not properly maintained. In some cases, the functions of human beings have been replaced completely.

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In addition, the companies could not produce the same goods. This paper examines the effects of machines on human labour and how they interact. For example, a lift can work for twenty four hours without getting exhausted. Productivity can be measured more effectively as machines can also log their production and hours. Human beings can look at a situation and think on the best way forward (Sheila, 2006). Machines have a very high efficiency and they perform certain tasks at a faster rate than humans (Penslar, 1995). Machines have also led to the growth of towns leading to urbanization. With the help of machines, factories are able to produce more to meet the demand in the market.

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