My hometown essay in hindi

my hometown essay in hindi

last several years many time than the past. Onitsha is what can be referred to as the "Nigerian New York." This is because of the similar features it has to New York in terms of job opportunities. Although they have difference lifestyle but they still struggle do their job by legal and make their family in happiness. It is a place that cant make them forget it, because of it provides many times for them and their people such as their family, friends, relatives and villagers. One of these characteristics is job opportunity. Nnamdi Azikiwe otherwise known as the great Zik of Africa who was also the first Nigerian president and assumed office in 1963. The Igbo land is made up of over three hundred town heads called village heads/rulers. Most parts of the town are noisy from around.00am.00pm, which is the official working hour, and the streets are very busy especially around the Niger Bridge, because of the people coming into the town. But what I define discuss essay know, kandal province has many vegetables and fruit that crop by people here, and they planted by natural along the river and around the lake. I love my hometown, love views from the windown of my house, the ground which is full with childrens' laughs, love the peace of the simple life here.

Therefore, children like us grow up in much anxietys and expection to change the life of many generations. And sometime it also provides bad times that make they miss it all the times and they want to return. Moreover, now days, the agricultural yield has significantly increased since the technology was adapted in production. My hometowns history made my heart bleed The town no longer has what I need When the war came and took the peace as prisoners we wished to be freed That's when marx dominant ideology thesis you know it's time to leave Because in my hometown I can. In sort, kandal province full of good people. All of the buildings are decorated with graffiti, and moldy boards are nailed to the windows and doors. I could not keep balance well when I walked on the snow, because the snow was so thick. It makes my eye puzzled.