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but Wallace was adamant about the topic. But his uncle had a different direction for William to go in; he wanted William to continue his education, giving William the values of liberty and the essence of freedom which would later become the basis for the journeys in his life. "Sir William Wallace Scottish hero".

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The Wallace Sword, which supposedly belonged to Wallace, although some parts were made at least 160 years later, was held for many years in Dumbarton Castle and is now in the Wallace Monument. London: Readers Digest Association. All of those who tried to escape were either killed or drowned in the cold river. Traveling around as an outlaw is what he most likely did, trying to avoid the English. 8 The uprising suffered a blow when the nobles submitted to the English at Irvine in July. Edward set up garrisons of his own troops in many Scottish towns to keep control over the Scottish people.

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