Cause and effect essay conclusions

cause and effect essay conclusions

essay for a purpose, not just to get a good grade. The purpose of the writing may be to inform the readers about some things or try to convince the audience of your truth depending on the chosen position in debates. Highest rate 3088 5 /5, the Most Obese Countries in the World and Why They Are on the List.

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The argument was developed for a specific purpose, whether it's an essay for college or a presentation at work. Effect The first effect of (X) is (Y) Another result of (X) is (Y) As a result, (Y) As a consequence, (Y) Consequently (Y) Therefore, (Y) Thus (Y) Hence (Y) (X) results in (Y) (X) causes (Y) (X) has an effect on (Y) (X) affects. As a consequence of this, new legislation emerged, granting women equal rights to web bibliography men in many fields, in particular employment. It is a brief extract from the full cause effect essay dedicated to the problems of hunger poverty in different countries of the world. To get an overall understanding of this particular type of academic writing, take some time to read the article, which contains general information, several prompts, and some good cause and effect essay topics. Once again, you will have to demonstrate your comprehensive knowledge and analytical mastery of the field. Conclusion, one cause, many effects, this type of cause and effect essay is constructed to show the various effects of a particular event, problem, or decision. How about the in-text citations references? Causal chain the events lead to one another : Thesis statement ( the first and the last parts of the chain). It is possible to conclude that democratic regime is another cause of hunger. Causes from general to specific, the number of paragraphs corresponds to a quantity of cases and is often one to three. Poverty caused by lack of education, bed physical condition and economic instability.

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