Essay on school locker searches

essay on school locker searches

have no idea what your previous teacher just explained to you. Another explanation is that drug users geology based research papers pdf have a poor family life. No matter the class size or variety, school lockers are a must. We will write a custom essay sample. From hallway lockers to locker rooms, from preschool through college, we have every kind of locker for school that you could possibly need. In the first place, locker checks help increase the safety in schools. I do not mean that this will drop the number of overweight adolescents but it very well might. However this should not be a free for all. Peer pressure is the most well known reason for teens to partake in substance abuse.

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To increase the effect of locker checks, they should be done with security guards and dogs. Locker checks should be made mandatory and done frequently because they assure security in cut throat competition essay schools, makes students healthy, and will make students obey school policies in the future. Youths who learn that dugs provide pleasurable sensations may be most likely to experiment with illegal substances; a habit may develop if the user experience anxiety and fear. With the increasing percentage overweight kids in America we need all the help we can get. Locker Checks, why shouldn't schools do locker checks?

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