Essays on ozone depletion

essays on ozone depletion

the Effects of Ozone Layer Depletion. Close to the ground ozone, is produced by the action of light on exhaust fumes and so concentrates in areas of heavy traffic. McPeters and several of his colleagues at the nasa Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt. The NOx cycle in the region just above the troposphere has been found to be responsible for about 70 of the ozone destruction, but recent studies show that this figure may be even more. tags: essays research papers fc Powerful Essays 2509 words (7.2 pages) Preview - ozone layer Summary of Learning of the Ozone Experience On the 16th of September 1987, negotiators meeting in Montreal finalized a landmark in international environmental diplomacy: the Montreal Protocol on Substances. The main cause of our Ozone depletion is caused by CFCs and related how to say writing an essay in spanish halocarbon gases. We have to ban the use of CFCs products.

Ozone Depletion : Essay on Ozone, layer, depletion
Essay on, effects of Ozone Layer Depletion
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And rightly so, because the ozone layer protects both plant and animal life on the planet. Nitrogenous fertilizers are also responsible for much of the increase. It has a melting point of -193C, and is a blue liquid. Some that you may think of is the increase in crime, the war on terrorism, and drugs. The process continues and the result is the reduction or depletion of ozone in the stratosphere.

essays on ozone depletion

Ozone (O 3) is a triatomic form of is found largely in the stratosphere that extends from about 6 km at the poles and 17 km at the equator to about 50 km above the earths surface.
Essay on Effects of, ozone, layer, depletion.
The upper layer of the atmosphere surrounded by ozone (15 to 30 Kms) is known as ozonosphere.