Fairtrade thesis

fairtrade thesis

money that they did get was really needed just to live, it was like a bad cycle for them and the quality of life was poor. The consumers also benefit significantly from fair trade, this is because they are able to purchase commodities in line with the principles and values they carry. We are engaged in Fair Trade USAs pilot programs, but we are not selling the piloted coffee as Fair Trade Certified. In the case of Fair Trade USA, we support its current pilot programs designed to innovate and seek ways to expand the fair trade model to allow more farmers and workers to benefit, which is in line with our reasons for embracing the fair trade.

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fairtrade thesis

These unfair trade practices are used in order for big companies to make a large profit. These kinds of industries are fair and the best type of industries because they do not take advantage of people who cannot find any other work and also they help developing countries. When we buy products we could do a little bit of research about it and see if there are fair trade alternatives, then where possible buy these products to support fair trade. For example, in the cocoa industry some make the workers spray the cocoa with dangerous pesticides with no protective equipment and still get paid very little money. All three of these industries under pay people in developing countries and make them work in dangerous conditions which could kill them. The guidelines and standards of fair trade were developed to deal with issues concerning disparity of power in trade dealings, conventional trade injustices and unstable markets. These trades often have very bad working conditions for their how to play hockey essay staff. For example, fair trade All good bananas had lots more sales than the other banana companies, the unfair trade banana companies could become fair trade to compete and get more sales. The specific products that will be covered are known for having a fair trade and unfair trade counterpart. Fair trade is the way to go because it helps countries and communities and over all helps peoples lives. Fair trade helps these people to get a higher pay to support their families and better working conditions. These are cocoa and cotton.

Children have to drop out of school to earn money and do these jobs involving big machetes and poisonous chemicals. Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate is a version of fair-trade certified cocoa.