Ias4sure essay notes

ias4sure essay notes

(Maam points to last member) M4: Why are they called Australoids? Fortunately I am engaged in a job that I truly enjoy because of the awesome working environment. So the service could be allowed to keep certain enhanced weightage for csat scores. M3: So you are asying that you will use your technical expertise in the service also. Me: The shale gas reserves are located in many of the densely inhabited areas like Ganga Basin and Damodar Basin. Me: Sir, most humbly I beg to submit that petroleum engineering as a course is related to upstream oil and gas sector. For the rest two papers, the candidate should secure minimum marks prescribed by upsc each year.

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ias4sure essay notes

I do not have adequate idea about auto-ignition point. M4: What is pig? Hence I also refrained from answering questions where I had little or no idea at all. A: 6 months. If the fire has enveloped the well, aerial services are used. M2: What is auto-ignition point, flash point, octane number? All I can say argumentative essay on common core is that 60-70 of the attempted questions in each paper would be of good quality and rest of average quality. My comments: Overall a good experience. My elder brother is a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur.

ias4sure essay notes

Important Topics for Mains 2018 here. Notes, single PDF here.

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