Essay on gun safety

essay on gun safety

For instance, it is three times more likely that someone will be killed in the home if there is a gun present, and it is more likely that the someone killed will be a friend or family member rather than an intruder. About one-third of the population owns a firearm. This nation has battled with this concept since its inception. When a country state or city increases their gun control laws it is evident that crime increases. Some models can be accessed by teens or older children. You want these rules to be natural habits; holding yourself to them each and every time helps make them. Taking away guns would cause more problems than keeping them would. Teenage gangsters murder one another for drug territory, and innocent victims are caught in the crossfire. Our reality is harsh and what seemed to be a measure of protection may turn into brutality.

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essay on gun safety

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Four basic rules for hunters safety are: Always treat a gun like it is loaded, muzzle control-point it in a safe direction, know your target and what is beyond it, also you never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
Gun Safety Essay Sample.
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According to my research from a previous course in which I wrote on gun safety, I learned that gun purchases are on the rise, therefore causing a higher risk of injury from lack of gun safety knowledge.

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This study will shed light on the topics of gun controls laws, and possibly discover new aspects on the impact of such laws. All were effective in protecting against suicide and unintentional injuries. Weapons are changing over times. The American people have the right to bear arms. With gun control laws the government is putting Words: 1221 - Pages: 5 America Needs Limited Gun Control Essay examples Gun control has become a heavily debated topic within the courts and among activists who support gun control and those who do not. Until 1968 guns were available over the counter in stores and through mail catalogs to just about any adult in America. Over half of adolescent suicides were by guns. In this regard, he does not have to possess gun for him to hold a gun. Kennedy was assassinated; it raised public awareness to the lack of control on sales and also possession of guns in America. The nine-year-old boy's eyes dart still i rise analytical essay from the blood oozing from his friend, to his own shaking index finger, still clutched on the trigger of the gun. While others think gun control is not the answer to lessening violence in America.

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