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web bibliography

The Boat, Only Forward, Ghosts of Christmas Past. Troll's-Eye View MP3 CD, Sleeper And The Spindle slipcased editions, Welcome To Bordertown regular and special edition MP3 CDs, A Wolf At The Door MP3 CD December 13: Added Graveyard Book US 2017 hardcover, 6 Lankhmar MP3 CDs (for some bizarre reason, one book they. September 17: Added American Gods: My Ainsel issues 1-6 all covers. Added American Gods #1 (7 covers Walking Through The Landscape Of Faerie, Forbidden Brides adaptation, Troll Bridge adaptation March 29: Moved 100 words from Comics to Comic Adaptations. As an example, here is a copy of the preview of Children's Crusade that was sent to retailers, but before all the words were put in! September 20: Added Conversations With Neil Gaiman. Photography, poetry and Lyrics, scripts, short Stories, short Story and Article Collaborations. September 23: Added Sandman Universe #1 (8 covers American Carnage comicon preview, A Study In Emerald comic adaptation.

I've had a few emails recently asking me to add links to different sites or online postings of Neil's work. Searching out advance reading copies of comics means more than having yet one more edition of something - sometimes they provide that look behind the curtain too!

web bibliography

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Added Best New Horror.27, Batman Arkham Poison Ivy, Ocean At The End Of The Lane Easton Press, Graveyard Book single-volume edition adaptation March 26: Added The Moth Presents All These Wonders, Authors Coloring Book, The Luck Of Eden Hall: The End Of The Lane. 11, 2001 Format revision June 4, 2005 Second format revision: June, 2011 Bibliography compiled and maintained by GMZoe. September 22: Added Anansi Boys radio play CD, Norse Mythology UK paperback 2018, Norse Mythology US large print paperback, Norse Mythology US paperback, Norse Mythology Hudson paperback, The Bulletin of the SF F Writers Of America #201, Mad Con 2001 Program Book, Where We Live. May 13: Added Neil Gaiman Coloring Book Jill Thompson edition, Cinnamon US edition May 7: Added Time Out #850. While I appreciate the thought, I do not maintain a links section on this site. Updates Norse Mythology UK paperback 2017 December 15: Added In The Shadow Of Frankenstein MP3 CD, Logical Family audio book, Tori Amos Strange Little Girls December 14: Added Improbable Sherlock MP3.

web bibliography

11, 2001 Format revision June 4, 2005 Second format revision: June, 2011.
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