Short essay on parents

short essay on parents

slight for one or two instances of corporal punishment during one's teen years. It is surprising that the moral question of corporal punishment has escaped the attention of philosophers to the extent that it has. Nevertheless we should remain open to the fruits of further research and be prepared to adapt our views accordingly.31 Notes. The point is that just as in these cases we attack the excesses not the practices themselves, so should we attack only the abusive use of corporal punishment. For references to both kinds of study, see Straus, Beating the Devil Out of Them,. It is true that when the teacher resorts to corporal punishment this indicates that his prior efforts to discourage the wrongdoing failed. In Raylene Keightley (ed. If, by contrast, "degrade" is taken to embody a judgment of wrongfulness then a demonstration that corporal punishment is degrading will suffice to show that it is wrong. But then the argumentative work will have to be done in showing that corporal punishment is degrading because it will have to be shown that it amounts to an unacceptable lowering of somebody's standing.

Straus, Beating the Devil Out of Them: Corporal Punishment in American Families (New York: Lexington Books, 1994. For ten to nineteen instances of physical punishment the likelihood of having suicidal thoughts is approximately the same as it is for those who are not beaten at all during adolescence. It is true that some scale could be introduced without corporal punishment. If girls are not caned for the same offenses for which boys are caned, then the boys are the victims of discriminatory treatment. This implicit message is believed to reach the level of a contradiction in those cases where the child is hit for having committed some act of violence - like assaulting another child. This is not to say that teachers, like judges, should not inquire into relevant aspects of a wrongdoer's background before inflicting a severe punishment. We need to distinguish between two ways an objection may fail: 1) because it rests on premises for which there is insufficient or no evidence; or 2) because the premises, although substantiated by sufficient evidence, do not lead to the desired conclusion. It is at least a matter of controversy whether the hardship is imposed on the family, or whether it is merely an unfortunate consequence.

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But that is insufficient to demonstrate even a correlation between corporal punishment and abuse, and a fortiori a causal relationship. For an horrific list of offenses for which school children in South Africa have been physically punished, see.L. That has some disadvantages and some advantages. His research, which is much more sophisticated than most earlier investigations into corporal punishment, does lend support to the view that even infrequent noninjurious corporal punishment can increase one's chances of being depressed. The main methodological problem is that the studies are not experiments but post facto investigations based on self-reports.11 Murray Straus recognizes this12 but nevertheless thinks that the studies are compelling. It would be beyond the scope of this paper to examine which view is correct, though my sympathies are clear. Not only are such messages thought to be wrong in themselves, but it is claimed that they are then acted upon by the child who is hit.18 In the short term, those who are physically punished are alleged to commit violence against other short essay about a happy family children, against. Similarly, if someone in the family does wrong or suffers some harm, this negatively affects the others.

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