Syrian refugee crisis research paper

syrian refugee crisis research paper

caused by the Syrian refugee influx, in terms of both financial assistance and refugee resettlement. Despite this, the degree of protection provided by the four states is modest in relation to that provided by neighboring countries to Syria, and far more could be done. The refugee situation caused by the Syrian conflict is dire, and it has placed enormous strain on neighboring countries. The Greek Asylum Service has undergone substantial reforms since it was first established in 2011 in order to comply with EU legislative requirements. This report provides an analysis of legal and procedural information available to asylum seekers in Greece. The cooperation and coordination of multiple actors on the ground national authorities, international organisations, EU agencies, NGOs, organisations of civil society in the provision of legal and procedural information is hard to assess.

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis - Journal on Migration and Human Security

syrian refugee crisis research paper

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By the end of 2014, an estimated.6 million people were internally displaced and.7 million Syrians had fled the country since the conflict began (ocha 2014; unhcr 2015a). Despite legislative measures and national effort to address the refugee crisis, assisted by international organisations aid schemes, the asylum reception system remains inadequate to cope with the current situation. In practice, the Asylum Service has failed to guarantee unimpeded access to the asylum system. The paper puts forward two general recommendations to reduce the strain on neighboring countries: increase the level of burden sharing by the international community as a whole and more evenly distribute the burden among industrialized states in Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific. Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Turkey host massive numbers of Syrian refugees, and Syrians have been seeking protection beyond these countries in increasing numbers since 2011. Data collection methods comprised desk-based qualitative research on published reports, fact sheets, information leaflets, legal.

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The Syrian refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian and geopolitical problem fac ing the world today.
The consequences of this crisis, which are rooted.
This paper looks at the burdens and costs of the Syrian refugee crisis and.
She will begin her tenure as a doctoral student in migration studies at the University.

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