A short essay on green revolution

a short essay on green revolution

The programme has been considerably modified with the passage of time and now the dry areas and the hilly areas have now been covered under the new agricultural strategy. The High Yield Variety (HYV) seeds were introduced by the scientists which could give the higher yields than conventional seeds. The main development under the Green Revolution was the creating high-yielding varieties of wheat and it was carried out by American agronomist.

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a short essay on green revolution

You can have headings for paragraph if allowed. According to Wilson (2005 why sugar is bad for you essay green revolution technology involved using high-yielding varieties (HYV) of seeds, pesticides and fertilizers in addition to irrigation (para. The technology was used mainly to boost the production of wheat and rice, so that developing countries could keep up with the growing demand of their rising population. To achieve this goal, the process was divided into several objectives which could be achieved by step by step approach and those are as follows, Double-Cropping the Farmlands. Carry forward a point from the last paragraph and then take it forward. But you should divide the essay into these 3 logical sections. The technology which is still relevant today has, forever changed the way agriculture is conducted worldwide. Try to maintain a flow between sections.

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