Introduction to personal statement

introduction to personal statement

to know about. Have you been to see a French opera performance or read the work of a French poet, for example? Even some, oxbridge admissions tutors mentioned this. It should be academically focused and avoid OTT language and extreme statements, such as I have always been very interested. Tips to write a killer opening. I have always been interested in (used 927 times).

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My statistical skills have been further enhanced whilst studying Biology through the use of equations such as standard deviation. You might have thought of the perfect joke to start your statement with, but does it set the right tone? Overused Opening Sentences, whatever you do with your opening sentence, make sure you use something different to the most overused statements. Bad example: My hobbies and interests range from football, learning the piano and writing poetry. They want to get a sense of you as a person but this means your academic strength and passion for the subject, not your sense of humour. Youre told that there needs to be a wow factor involved and that your sentence should set the tone and quality of the rest of the personal statement. Think about what made you pick the subject and what you enjoy the most about. Dont sit in front of a blank page for ages and furiously try to come up with the perfect opening sentence. Five cliche beginnings to avoid, however, try to avoid the most obvious opening sentences so you stand out from the first line. I was the only student in my year 9 group to achieve a level 8 in the maths SATs exam. Start with that.' 'Write what comes naturally.' 'What you want to study and why should be in the first two sentences. . This is unnecessary and more than likely to bore your reader right out of the gate.