Merrell indian essay summary

merrell indian essay summary

area and documents in-depth relations between the Colonial settlers and the local aboriginal population after 1600, the peoples who combined to form the Catawba. March 10, 2010: An examination of two articles regarding early Native American History. In about 10 pages, I offer some background on how I came to the subject of Indians, and how I see the book, its themes, its weaknesses and blind spots, in light of my own further thinking and the education Ive gotten from other scholarly. Series, major problems in American history series. Was there a Catawba New World, a Cherokee New World, etc? I went to college at Lawrence University, in Appleton, Wisconsin. Did they fashion it along with European colonists and African slaves? And I would also have worked harder to bring the arrival of African peoples on American shores into the fabric of interpretation I fashioned. Speaking of the slave trade, another realm of early American history that has been illuminated in the past generation or so is not only the African slave trade but the Indian slave trade. There was no "first contact".

(As it happens, the same year I published The Indians New World, I also published, in The Journal of Southern History, The Racial Education of the Catawba Indians, which dealt with Catawbas response to the racial realities of colonization. Some will say this is political correctness run amok; I say otherwise, that its not political correctness, just correctness! The existence of a native population slowed the growth of a slave-based economy in the south and affected colonial land policies.

Imprint, boston : Houghton Mifflin, c2001. His goal is to "register the sheer indispensability of the Indians for understanding America's past". Merrell, James., "The Indian's New World: The Catawba Experience William and Mary Quarterly, 41 (1984 537-565. Among other things, it is more attuned to the notion of an Atlantic World, of which of course the slave trade was camille paglia essays a major part. The place had lots of terrific professors, especially in the History Department, but for me the most inspiring was Doug, then just out of grad school.

merrell indian essay summary