Negative effects of fossil fuels essay

negative effects of fossil fuels essay

poisonous gas. Inhalation of this gas is likely to cause death as it interferes with the transport of oxygen in the blood stream Combustion of fossil fuels. These problems; such as acid rain, oil spills, climate change, global warming, etc., are not only occurring with fossil fuel usage, but are also increasing due to the increase in the use of fossil fuels. On a more of a human impact level, air pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels can eventually lead to things such as lung disease and cancer (Air Pollution). tags: Environment Environmental Ecology Essays Research Papers 624 words (1.8 pages) These chemicals both airborne as well as in acid rain form can harm humans, animals, and vegetation. Chemists measure the length of time of these reactions to predict the rate at which a reaction will proceed for any set of conditions. Get their energy from other renewable or non-renewable sources. By obtaining knowledge about the effects of fossil fuels on our environment, and more specifically global. Burning any fossil fuel produces carbon dioxide, which contributes to the greenhouse effect warming the Earth.  The effect of releasing gaseous acids into the atmosphere, as a result of modern lifestyles, results in Acid Rain and more serious Global Warming. Probes monitor the concentrations of various species as the photochemical smog builds. Another effect that takes place is smog formation.

negative effects of fossil fuels essay

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Water systems can be threatened from the run-off as a result of the washing of coal. One of the biggest environmental impacts which is steadily increasing in severity due to fossil fuel usage is global warming. Coal causes much damage to our environment. Economies may be affected by the destruction of crops and industry. This method allows continuous non-destructive measurement of carbon monoxide in the sampled air Sulphur score sat essay employment dioxide is generally measured by ultraviolet emission spectrometers. It can also irritate peoples eyes, noses, and throats.