Harvard university rap thesis

harvard university rap thesis

Quincy Adams. Shaw, an English major, has become the first Harvard student to create a rap album as a senior thesis. Senior English concentrators at Harvard often submit screenplays, memoirs, novels, a collection of poems or short stories for their creative writing thesis. Each song is an exploration of black liminality, that state between slavery and freedom.

harvard university rap thesis

He is aiming to work as a software engineer intern at Google after moving to Seattle. Shaw is the first student in Harvard's history to submit a rap album as a senior thesis in the English Department, the university said. He named his 10-track album Liminal Minds as a play on the title of the CBS show Criminal Minds and a statement on the changing manifestations of racial oppression. (Photo by Gali Tibbon, AFP/Getty Images). He was able to turn around an album that people in the English Department would like very much but also that people who like rap music might like, Bell said in an interview.

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Black people in America are kind of caught between freedom and slavery, Shaw told the Gazette. It was awarded a grade of summa cum laude minus. Writing rap songs is similar to writing stories or essays, or even code, said Shaw, who has a secondary in computer science. The English department at the prestigious has been receiving thesis in many forms such as novels, poems and screenplays. US President George.

harvard university rap thesis

Shaw had started rapping at a summer Bible camp in Tennessee, but didnt take it seriously until the.
Undergraduates at the university do not need to submit senior theses, but for those wishing to graduate with honours, it is a requirement.
Harvard English lecturer and Shaws thesis adviser Josh Bell, was highly impressed with his students creation, praising the album for its fluidity both.
Boston (AP) While other Harvard University students were writing papers for their senior theses, Obasi Shaw was busy rapping his.

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