Essay on earthquake occurred in india during 2011-12

essay on earthquake occurred in india during 2011-12

1819, 18Intensity.5 and it is Catastrophic of the world. Many scientists believe that it's also more likely to sustain injuries trying to move somewhere instead of staying put. Advertisements: The place of origin of an earthquake below the earths surface is called the centre. Food shortage is another effect of earthquakes. Intensity of shaking is measured on the modified Mercalli scostlale.

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People may lose their lives in earthquakes in many ways. The failure is called soft-story collapse. First, it's difficult to know where triangles of life form, since objects in a quake move up and down as well as laterally. There are several problems with the triangle of life technique. It has been observed that earthquake may occur and reoccur at the same places and new places but they do not have any regular scale or frequency. Building of laws formulated after 2001 Bhuj earthquake to ensure the construction of quake-proof houses have not been implemented by any state government. Get under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture. We use cookies to make essay on women's place and power in society wikiHow great. Question Where is the safest place to be during an earthquake? Atomic tests: Atomic tests conducted in earths crust or oceans, which have become a common thing now-a-days, release enormous energy on account of sudden explosion, which follows initiation of earthquakes. They may lose their life by the shock while the shaking takes place or because they are caught inside the collapsed building.