Jay gatsby analysis essay

jay gatsby analysis essay

Egg represents ostentation, garishness, and the flashy manners of the new rich. I hope shell be a foolthats the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool. Jordan Baker furthers the sense of sophisticated fatigue hanging over East Egg: her cynicism, boredom, and dishonesty are at sharp odds with her wealth and beauty. Unlike Nick, Tom is arrogant and dishonest, advancing racist arguments at dinner and carrying on relatively public love affairs. Daisy, on the other hand, tries hard to be shallow, even going so far as to say she hopes her baby daughter will turn out to be a fool, because women live best as beautiful fools. Gatsby stands in stark contrast to the denizens of East Egg. This first chapter introduces two of the most important locales, East Egg and West Egg. Although he describes himself as tolerant and nonjudgmental, he also views himself as morally privileged, having a better sense of decencies than most other people. While Nick has a strong negative reaction to his experiences in New York and eventually returns to the Midwest in search of a less morally ambiguous environment, even during his initial phase of disgust, Gatsby stands out for him as an exception. Gatsby is a mysterious figure for Nick, since Nick knows neither his motives, nor the source of his wealth, nor his history, and the object of his yearning remains as remote and nebulous as the green light toward which he reaches.

East Egg is associated with the Buchanans and the monotony of their inherited social position, while West Egg is associated with Gatsbys gaudy mansion and the inner drive behind his self-made fortune. Gatsby clearly poses a challenge to Nicks customary ways of thinking about the world, and Nicks struggle to come to terms with that challenge inflects everything in the novel. As with the Buchanans marriage, Jordans surface glamour covers up an inner emptiness. (See, important"tions Explained analysis, nick Carraways perceptions and attitudes regarding the events and characters of the novel are central.

The relationship between geography and social values is an important motif. Writing the novel is Nicks way of grappling with the meaning of a story in which he played a part. The unworkable intersection of the two Eggs in the romance between Gatsby and Daisy will serve as the fault line of catastrophe). The marriage of Tom and Daisy Buchanan seems menaced by research papers based on digital signal processing a quiet desperation beneath its pleasant surface. Though each is home to fabulous wealth, and though they are separated only by a small expanse of water, the two regions are nearly opposite in the values they endorse. Nick admires Gatsby highly, despite the fact that Gatsby represents everything Nick scorns about New York. Each setting in the novel corresponds to a particular thematic idea or character type. Though Nick does not yet know the green lights origin, nor what it represents for Gatsby, the inner yearning visible in Gatsbys posture and his emotional surrender to it make him seem almost the opposite of the sarcastic Ivy League set at the Buchanans. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Great.