Bryan parno thesis

bryan parno thesis

computations, we developed a new cryptographic framework, Verifiable Computation, which allows clients to outsource general computations to completely hawking thesis untrusted services and efficiently verify the correctness of each returned result. . I am a member of the. I was advised. Bryan Parno is a Researcher in the Security and Privacy Group at Microsoft Research. Thus, I have led a team of researchers and engineers in the Ironclad project ( m/Microsoft/Ironclad working to expand formal software verification to provide end-to-end guarantees about the security and reliability of complex systems. . Abstract: To instill greater confidence in computations outsourced to the cloud, clients should be able to verify the correctness of the results returned.

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bryan parno thesis

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Bryan Parno, Faculty, Computer Science Department.
Office: 2121 Collaborative Innovation Center.
Bryan Parno is an Associate Professor with a joint appointment in Carnegie Mellon.
Where his dissertation won the 2010 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award.

After receiving a Bachelor's degree from Harvard College, he completed his PhD at Carnegie Mellon University, where his dissertation won the 2010 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award. In ECE from CMU. In the past, I have worked on topics such as network and system security, applied cryptography, usable security, and data privacy. Below are two of my long-running research directions, both focused on providing users with strong guarantees about essay about oedipus rex and macbeth similarities the security of remote services. His research into security for new application models was incorporated into Windows and received a Best Paper Awards at the ieee Symposium on Security and Privacy and the usenix Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation.

bryan parno thesis

Flicker: An execution infrastructure for TCB minimization. JM McCune, BJ Parno,. Perrig, MK Reiter, H Isozaki. ACM sigops Operating Systems Review 42 (4.