Destiny vs fate essay

destiny vs fate essay

cat, naturally). Her life had been rocked so much by this family curse that only Ismene remains, and she lost the last thing that mattered to her-her sister Antigone, who surprisingly took her own life. Our destiny is not something we can sit by and let happen. Both points of view have a strong support. . Despite Antigone's morals and her practice of those morals, she cannot escape the family curse. These ideas all represent the meaning of life as seen by fate or destiny.

Is fate freedom to some or is it binding to others. Fate is an old debated concept. Do one s actions truly play a role in determin ing one s life? Is fate freedom to some or is it binding to others, in that no individual.

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tags: Fate Destiny Essays. " Melinda McGraw, like the" above, I believe we have control over our destiny. While he would like to think of himself as being above the gods, even he can not deny their power. "Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behaviour determines who stays in your life". APA, mLA, chicago, fate vs free will. This thing called fate is able to control a person and that person has no ability to change. In his critical volume, Macbeth: a Guide to the Play,. Then she must die.

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