Should the electoral college be abolished research paper

should the electoral college be abolished research paper

of Representatives and Democratic Senates have controlled the nation and the President. 4) Faithless Electors, while electors are generally extremely loyal to the party they align with, they don't have to vote the way the people of their state instructed them. Safe states for Republicans include Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Tennessee and Indiana, amongst others. A constitutional amendment would require a two-thirds favorable vote in both houses of Congress. Safe states for Democrats include New York, California, Maryland, Illinois and Washington, amongst others. This is true even when everyone votes and there are only two candidates. Under it, every vote is not equal.

In 48 states the Electoral College is utilized in the same way (Maine and Nebraska have a slight variation). This results in the victors being more pragmatic political parties which tend to be to the center of public opinion rather than many smaller parties catering to divergent and extremist views. With just 143 days of actual experience. It does not provide for a minimum percentage for the winner which would be essential to ensure that bullying personal experience essay one candidate has sufficient support to govern. Or even if we want a voting process that allows a President to be elected when another candidate received just.5 more of the national popular vote, which actually happened just 16 years ago.