Cut throat competition essay

cut throat competition essay

ridiculous. Somewhere over the past few decades, the education system has set students in an arms race against one another as well as themselves. Hansard archive, i submit that this must entail cutthroat competition of a very severe character.

So what is it about the education system that makes learning so scary? Comic by Priyanka Pai, near the end of my senior year of high school, one of my closest friends was charged with being part of one of the biggest cheating scandals the county had ever seen. When achievement is made out to be the primary goal of learning, students begin to attribute their successes to their abilities rather than to their work ethics or effort-levels. We shared our answers, but rarely.

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For many students, when the purpose of learning is not to learn but to prove how good they are, it is often difficult to come to terms with being less than good. T, cambridge English Corpus, the requirement of "free and unrestricted competition" was an invitation to cutthroat competition and, ultimately, to the financial ruin of the railroads. I was devastated when I learned of his dishonesty. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. And thus lies the call for change. T Hansard archive That is to say, they want what we call cutthroat competition within the transport industry. T Hansard archive After all, competition is the one thing by which industry retains its vitality, and cutthroat competition really means the survival of the fittest. I realized the real source of learnings degradation after my junior year of high school, when I attended the Governors Honors Program (GHP a summer camp run by Georgias Education Department. Retrieved from " ". Change is not an option.

Meanwhile, in high school, things were different. Hansard archive, but in transport it has to be proved that the competitionand it is cutthroat competition is advantageous to the transport system as a whole. He continues his argument with a list of five unsettling consequences of obsessing over standards and achievement:.