How to expand one's vocabulary essay

how to expand one's vocabulary essay

If someone were to ask me something that I love in this world, some of the completely obvious things would be my family. Also, that candidates who receive less than mcgill final e thesis 5 band have limited vocabulary while 7 band and above use a wide range of vocabulary and hence, vocabulary is essential for ielts preparation. Generally speaking, using Thesaurus is one of the best methods to expand vocabulary.

Online sources and fun games contribute. This improves your learning abilities as well as memory. It expands one 's knowledge and intelligence."." more. One more thing is that you can prefer watching or listening to the stuff that you find interesting so that you may not get bored and stop your plan to learn vocabulary. The concept behind this method is that you are exposed to new words and hence, you learn faster in this way.

how to expand one's vocabulary essay

"A sound mind in a sound body" is a well-known saying. For example, many people's voices could be described as "pleasant". Part 3 Building Vocabulary 1 Sign up to be emailed a "Word of the Day" using one of the many online dictionaries. He had the time and the resources to educate himself in many topics includ. Find a book that interest you.