Essays on reading strategies

essays on reading strategies

strategies, The Perspectives on Language and Literacy. Besides the place, readers also pay attention to have small things as pen or paper in hand.

(1981) wrote a book Developing Reading Skills. Drawing conclusions is a reading strategy that is done after reading. People are trained to learn how to read at very early age and they read with many purposes such as reading for pleasure or reading to earn experience or simply to know what is happening around them.

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So there are 51 subjects in these 2 groups. For Students Here are some suggestions for students to apply before, during and after-reading in order to become strategic readers. To scan, the readers mostly focus on a list of names, words, numbers, short statements, and sometimes even in a paragraph. Appropriate strategies help them read and achieve their goals quickly. Scanning is a reading technique that is reading quickly to locate specific information. Research questions, this study aims to find out reading strategy use of hetcs students. Nutall (1982) pointed out that reading was certainly a process of the readers, who used strategies to work with the meaning of the texts actively and then made sense from them. This strategy is extremely useful if the readers want to read a large amount of material in a short amount of time by two ways: identify the main ideas and ignore the details. And the last group group 4 consists of HP ones who got mark from 7 and over. It meant that strategy 1 "I read the table of contents, and then read the contents" most students would like to use to help them understand the contents during reading process. Build background by activating appropriate prior knowledge through self questioning about what they already know about the topic (or story the vocabulary, and the form in which the topic (or story) is presented.

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essays on reading strategies

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