Role of science in human life essay

role of science in human life essay

an inner-feeling of pleasant emotions. If we want to send a message to a person in America, we can send an email and he will get it in a few hours.

The Role of Science in Our Life Examples and Samples
How is science important in daily life?

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The communication system kept on advancing with c v raman essay competition 2012 the invention of various other technologies like mobile phones, the internet, satellites and etc. This is because of the misuse of science. These newly found planets are identical to earth and believed to be supporting life, which I have found interesting. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the books and papers we read, the recreations we enjoy, the games we play all have something or other to do with the application of science. Effect of science of human life: It is, indeed, true that science has added tremendously to the comforts and conveniences of mankind. Be it communication, transportation or even entertainment for that matter, every single aspect of our lives thrive on electricity. If we can do so, science will make our lives richer and in conquering. However, without the contributions of technology, it would have never been possible. Today we are using electric-lights instead of candles.

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