General haig butcher essay

general haig butcher essay

its importance in war. Its written during the war and at that time, no-one said anything negative about the war. The Germans had their defensive plan laid out, and several historians have said that if the Allies used some of the same tactics and consolidated their positions, disaster would have followed. Many British accounts say that the Battle of the Somme didnt achieve much strategically. Source D also says that General Haig was incompetent. This was also a very different type of war to previous ones, and no one had any experience in trench warfare. This air-land 'weapons system' was bound together by wireless (radio) communications. They were thwarted however by the French Army and were pushed back and a front-line was established. If this was to occur, then Haig would have been blamed for many more deaths than he was. Source 4 Arguments in defence (favour)of Haig Dr Gary Sheffield is Senior Lecturer in the War Studies Group at King's College London, and Land Warfare Historian at the Joint Services Command and Staff College, Shrivenham.

Recently there has been a campaign to have the statue of Field Marshall Haig in London removed and replaced by a statue of an ordinary soldier. Without a doubt, considering the number of British and Newfoundland soldiers who were needlessly killed as block comparison and contrast essays a result of his orders General Haig was deserving of his nickname "Butcher Haig"! Against the advice of experts who said he did not have enough, he sent fifty tanks into battle in September. If any young men were sent to their deaths, they were German. Sources taken from. The strikes only lifted the wire up and placed it down. The title suggests that this the book is going to be biased against the generals in the war and there is hardly any evaluation of what happened. Many analysts have referred to Haig as a 'butcher' or a "murderer" who ordered countless men needlessly to their deaths. He was often criticised for not accepting new ideas.