Glossary paper terminology

glossary paper terminology

if any, may be read. Sometimes referred to as the pop test or pop tester. A negative that must be flopped has emulsion on the wrong side. Laid Writing Paper used for writing and correspondence purposes that has a laid mark. Gray Balance The dot values or densities of cyan, magenta, and yellow that produce a neutral gray. Magenta Screen A dyed contact screen, used for making halftones. Will Sheeter Continuous automatic cut-size sheeter, ream wrapper, ream labeler, ream accumulator, case packer, lidder, bander and palletizer. Score/Scoring The process and the resulting line or crease mechanically impressed in the paper to facilitate folding while guarding against cracking of paper and board.

glossary paper terminology

End-Leaf Paper Strong, fine quality papers, either plain or coated and sometimes colored or marbled used at both ends of a book. PCF - Process Chlorine Free This is generally a recycling decolorizing and bleaching done with out the use of chlorine or chlorine compounds. Overlay In artwork, a transparent covering over the copy where color break, instructions or corrections are marked. Color fiction analysis essay Fastness The ability of dyed paper to maintain in the presence of exposure to light, heat etc. Cyan (process blue) One of the four-process colors. Stickies: Particles of plastic, adhesives or naturally tacky materials (e.g., pitch from pine trees) that are embedded in the paper sheet or attached to the forming machine; caused by non-soluble residual particles of hot-melt glues, adhesive labels and other contaminants present in secondary fiber. Strip-In A negative which must be combined with another, to give a single page negative which contains all components; also called set-in. Bleaching Chemical treatment to brighten, whiten, purify, refine, and balance pulp fiber. Trimmed Size The final size of a printed piece after all bleeds and folds have been cut off.

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