Why do i read essay

why do i read essay

am reading a really good book. Computers are strange, but people worship them basically. Books directly expand our consciousness of how we live and where we live, enrich our power to express ourselves, supply us with inspiration in a way that other mediums cannot compete with. I love reading because theres nothing better than a good book. First off, I come from a family of readers. Say, "I have to read such-and-such, then I have to write an essay about so-and-so.". Every mental image that a written word projects is vibrant with feelings and emotions. Andrews, the book was seeds OF yesterday.

In other words, it takes a lot of planning and checking and rechecking. Once you have decided that you are tired of hating the task and procrastinating, you will be surprised how quickly you begin to like it). I go to work happy knowing that I got a good book waiting for me at home. The experience achieved through reading is richer and more personal, since the same description and the same word choice will result in as many different interpretations as there are readers. You are reading this, some blobs on a page, but they all mean somethings, and millions of us know what they are. Learn to plan out what you have. You know what your task is, so read with that in mind. If I could compare it to something very different, I would say that it is like sewing a dress-you don't just run a sewing machine around the perimeter of a piece of cloth!

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Start thinking about how you want to develop your essay. I love to write-but I couldn't paint a straight line if I tried. The books I am talking about are classics, those that do not have an expiration date and will be priceless for any generation. They're time consuming and tedious. This is what makes books powerful and memorable. But the best part of reading for me? Here's a plan for you:.