He reported

he reported

does she report? He reported on the structure of the undp portfolio with respect to both the currency holdings and investment periods.

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She reported, she didnt report. He reported that the technical meeting had generally endorsed the consultants' recommendations. It reports, it doesn't report, do you report? Osho, Bhagvan Shree Rajneesh 2002 by Osho International, he was reported by the Panel in its previous report to be travelling what is implication in research paper under false names. We reported We didnt report Did you report? She reported back to the paramedics. It will report It wont report Will we report? He reported that HIV/aids was a top priority for undp and one of its six main practice areas. You don't report, do we report?

He reported that currently accident analysis was being studied. You reported You didnt report Did they report? I reported, i didnt report. He reported on discussions with representatives of those countries, in particular on trafficking in arms and diamonds. 'Two of them he reported quietly. She doesn't report, does it report? I don't report, does he report?