Essay on producers consumers and decomposers

essay on producers consumers and decomposers

demonstrate osmosis and diffusion in living cells. As the foundation atop which a huge family of chemical substances called organic substances are formed, carbon is the basis of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acidsall of which form the basis of life on Earth. If a diagram were drawn showing the different processes that move carbon from one form to another, its main processes would be photosynthesis, respiration, decomposition, natural weathering of rocks, and the combustion of fossil fuels. Those animals which eat only plants are called herbivores. Carbon is found in great quantities in Earth's crust, its surface waters, the atmosphere, and the mass of green plants. Carnivores are also known as carnivorous animals.

Diffusion of gases in and out of a living cell. Herbivores are called as primary consumers whereas carnivores and omnivores are called as secondary consumers. The function of every ecosystem involves a series of cycles,.g., water cycle, nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, etc.

As a result, this trapped gas leads to a global temperature rise, a natural phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect, which can have disastrous effects on Earth's environment. Thus, by their very nature as makers of their own food, plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Sometimes after millions of years, the waters recede and the limerock is eventually exposed to the elements. The consumer trophic level can be subdivided depending on the kind of organisms included. See also, greenhouse effect. Biomagnification, one interesting phenomenon associated with food webs is biomagnification. Phytoplanktons are capable of producing food by the process of photosynthesis. That are involved in the material cycles are collectively called as abiotic component. However, they also can be thought of as accumulations of energy. The amount of these inorganic substances present at any given time, in an ecosystem is called as the standing state or standing quality of an ecosystem.

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