Senior thesis anthropology

senior thesis anthropology

the evolution of state-society relations, with attention to gender relations, market forces, and public action in promoting or inhibiting development. Diplomatic History of the.S. Lighting Design 1 (TPA 2023) 3 credits Prerequisites: TPA 2000 and TPA 2200 Classroom and laboratory study of the principles of modern lighting design for the theatre. Seminar in German Literature (GEW 3934) 3 credits Prerequisite: Two semesters of intermediate German Students explore special topics in German literature by concentrating on a particular author, theme, genre, or period. Directed Independent Study (PHI 4905) 1-4 credits Prerequisites: Permission of instructor and Department Chair Readings and research in selected issues of philosophy, with a program of study selected in consultation with Departmental faculty. Economic trends, social and cultural movements and religious issues will complement a study of major political developments. Sociolinguistics (LIN 4600) 3 credits An introduction to the study of language and linguistic behavior as influenced by social and cultural factors. The course introduces students to the historical foundations and practices of human rights. Putnam, Harvard Peabodys first director, essay on international sports and his assistant, Franz Boas.

Lyric Diction 1 (MUS 6205) 2 credits Prerequisites: Previous study of lyric diction and International Phonetic Alphabet or permission of instructor A course in diction reviewing concepts of International Phonetic Alphabet and covering aspects of lyric diction as it relates to the graduate art song. Advanced Studies in Choral Literature: Mass and Motet (MUR 6108) 3 credits An historical study of the development of the mass and motet as musical forms. Special topics: Islam, Arab-Israeli peace, minorities, human rights, democratization. Image of Woman in the Bible (REL 4218) 3 credits The role and treatment of femininity in the Bible, with particular emphasis on the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) including a variety of contemporary approaches and concerns. Although some anthropologists were involved in the immediate post-World War II period of decolonization, the emergence of development anthropology as an academically acceptable subfield dates only from the 1980s.

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