Explain your choice of major essay

explain your choice of major essay

will be main reasons why you are interested in pursuing this degree. Ill have the advanced education concerning diabetes and hopefully learn even more on how to control my disease. Hollands theory links psychological factors (student personalities) with sociological factors (characteristics) of academic disciplines to create a model of personal-environmental fit. Unfortunately, the rest is all books and studying. Hard work and perseverance will help me accomplish this reachable goal. It is not surprising then that Roese and Summerville (2005) cite meta-analytical evidence that the most frequently identified life regret for Americans involve their educational choices. What we regret most and why. Doctors receive respect from all across the world as nurse practitioners can do the same.

Think of your future as a Mathematician and what you hope to accomplish.
A response like that will really explain your interest in your first choice major.
The best way to open this word limited essay is with the following paragraph.
We find evidence that Economics is a good choice of major for those aspiring to become a CEO.

Economics ranked third with 9 of the CEOs of the S P 500 companies in 2004 being undergraduate Economics majors, behind Business Administration and Engineering majors, each of which.
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Before classifying most of the choices made by students on their university programs as wrong,.

Most students are choosing their major based on their interest level, so Ill do the same and furthermore, make the selective choice that will ultimately take me farther in life. Bibliography Occupational Outlook Handbook. To them, when their child performs well. Promoting Reasonable Expectations: Aligning Student and Institutional Views of the College Experience Jossey-Bass, San Francisco,. Most students employ tactics of indecision as opposed ophthalmology research paper to cognitive decision making and many times end up in the wrong program (Beggs,Banthon, Taylor 2008). Words: 1474 - Pages:. Social prestige Social prestige plays a profound role in the selection of university majors.