Beating depression on your own

beating depression on your own

brains are always changing, and I actually do think this can be a source of hope for people who live with depression. I hope you find the inner determination (even if that determination is fragile, uncertain and week) to take the next step. Share your thoughts with someone else. Please follow the links and learn and call and do whats needed to pick up the broken pieces and start putting the Humpty of your life back together again. Her story is her story, and we have to stop pretending that every inspiring story is a rule. Laugh your belly out for a good 10 minutes.

Your, playbook for, beating Depression : Essential Strategies

beating depression on your own

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From wherever you are right now, take a baby step forward. However, our brains are always changing, and we can change our brains. Because depression is a chemical imbalance, and our chemicals are always changing, we can change our own chemicals! The difficulty is that pain can cause us to turn inward for self-protection. What are you doing right now to deal with depression? As someone whos never lived with chronic pain, I would never downplay how much work it took for her to get back on her feet, or question how she chose to. Other times, depression is the emotional response to physical pain or other medical conditions that are ongoing. We usually eat when we are stressed and this leads to weight gain, heart diseases, joint aches, and this list is endless!