Nps student thesis travel

nps student thesis travel

De la Cruz, Constantino., 2011, "Defending the Maritime Transport of Cargo for the Hawaiian Islands.S. The bottom line is that both signatures are needed before your project is deemed complete; thus, make sure both your first and second reader are on board with all decisions that are made as you write. Steinrauf, Robert., 1991, " Network Interdiction Models.S. How long should it be? September 2005, Advisor:. Olson, Allen., 1998, " Classifying pstn Switching Stations: A National Security Agency Application.S. Maritime, Port, and Border Security, pfeiff, Daniel., 2009, optimizing Employment of Search Platforms to Counter Self-Propelled Semi-Submersibles.S. June 2007, Advisor:.K. March 2007, Advisor:.

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Koprowski, Peter., 2005, " Interdicting a Force Deployment: Two-Sided Optimization of Asset Selection, Lift Scheduling, and Multi-Commodity Load Planning (U).S. Lee, Dong Keun, 1991, " Optimal Routing of Military Convoys Through a Road Network.S. June 2008, Advisor:. March 1998, Advisor:.K. Optimal Employment of Port Radar and Picket Ships to Detect Attacker Speedboats: A Defender-Attacker Optimization Model to Enhance Maritime Domain Awareness.S. Monterey, CA (831) 656-3093, other Numbers, nPS Phone Directory: Here. Shankar, Arun, 2008, " Optimal Jammer Placement to Interdict Wireless Network Services.S. September 1997, Advisor:.K. March 2004, Advisor:. There is no set length for a thesis. Carnal, David., 2005, an Enhanced Implementation of Models for Electric Power Grid Interdiction.S.

All students are required to read the daily announcements, and muster through the. Dual Degree Requirements Graduate Writing Center Obtain NPS Thesis. A driving concern of most NPS students is to conduct research that makes a d ifference. Furthermore, the primary method of travel to Hawaii is via aviation.