Dry ice blasting machine research paper pdf

dry ice blasting machine research paper pdf

it allows to clean without leaving any other waste: the blasted dry ice pellets disappear 100 after use! 1 blasting gun. No transport waste and fresh ice means less consumption. Supply Pressure Range: psi. Technical data: Length: 1000 mm Width: 360 mm Height: 530 mm Weight: 105 kg Production rate: app. Asking Price - 11,500 Contact: John Wright Main. Cold Jets SDI Select 60 is designed to be the most simplistic, user-friendly dry ice cleaning system available today.

1 round nozzle, 1 flat nozzle - LED Light - Powder unit Technical data PT combi Dimension L x W x H 97 0 x 520 x 670 mm Weight 6 0 kg Air flow range 1 5 m3/min. It has been used for demo purposes only so it is in new condition. On systems designed to last.

The blaster new is 37,000! Can be viewed in person anytime Mon-Fri 8:00 4:30p CAE Alepheus Miniblast Dry Ice Cleaner CO2 - Supply pessure range : 70-125 psig ( 4,8 - 8,6 bar ) - Blast pressure range : 40-125 psig ( 2,8 - 8,6 bar ) - Hopper capacity. The powder unit is an attachment to the blasting essay on bitcoin upsc gun for blasting with abrasive media like soda, garnet etc. Ice bath used instead of after cooler. Ecological, easy to use and ergonomic! Weight: 167 lbs, accessories: Includes gun/applicator, nozzle, blast hose assembly and air supply hose; after cooler and additional accessories also available. With the ability to shave any dry ice media input through patented feeder technology, the SDI Select 60 opens new cleaning opportunities for users who experience limited dry ice availability. Claremont, NH 03743 email: cold JET SDI select 60, After Cooler, and much more!

Our machine consists of a compressor, an air. Treatment system, a dry ice blasting machine, and special jet nozzles. The results will show the. Application of dry -ice blasting for barrels treatment. Article (PDF Available) January 2015 with 86 Reads.