Essaye g medhin

essaye g medhin

toll vary widely, from several hundred to nearly a thousand. Amharic was spoken as a first language.89 and.79 spoke Tigrinya ; the remaining.67 spoke all other primary languages reported. 2 Demographics edit Based on the 2007 national census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA Dessie woreda has a total population of 151,174, of whom 72,932 are men and 78,242 women; 120,095.44 are urban inhabitants living in the town. External links edit Media related to Dessie at Wikimedia Commons.

Thus, he named it Dessie amharic "My Joy as a reference to the elation that the comet had made him feel.  Pronouns -  English letters -  plural nouns  aan. Main article: Languages of Ethiopia Languages spoken in Dessie as of 2007 6 Amharic (94.89) Tigrinya (3.79) Other (1.32) Religion edit The 2007 national census reported 59 of the inhabitants professed Islam with 41 of the population having reported they practiced Christianity. The majority of the inhabitants were Muslim, with.62 reporting that as their religion, while.92 of the population said they practiced Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and.15 were Protestants. Artist Essaye Gebre-Medhin Fikre was born in Dessie in 1949. Men's traditional clothing is similar to the Ormo region of Ethiopia, having pants and a loose shirt, and wearing a scarf around the head.

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Dessie (Amharic: ) is a city and a Zone in north-central Ethiopia.

Crawford, Ethiopian Itineraries, circa (Cambridge: Hakluyt Society, 1958. It also has a zawiya of the Qadiriyya order of Islam, which was the first Sufi order to be introduced into north-east Africa. Online Available at: p/catalog/3583/download/50086. The church is decorated with paintings which include portraits of Ras Mikael and his son. 2 20th Century edit, dessie's location led to the telegraph line the, italians constructed between 19 from. 1 19th Century edit, emperor, yohannes IV was camping in the highlands to the west of the Chefa Valley in 1882 on an expedition to forecefully convert the. He was so impressed by the sight of it that he interpreted it to be a sign from heaven to found his capital city there. In Addis Ababa and.A. Town in Amhara, Ethiopia, dessie amharic : ) (also spelled, dese. In Paris but was self-taught as an artist. Tional census reported 63 of the inhabitants professed Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity with 37 of the population having reported they practiced Islam. Instigated by the local landlord, a large group of peasants marched on the city; troops of the Derg fired into the crowd.