Population growth essay in 100 words

population growth essay in 100 words

advanced medical equipments have been developed to cure several diseases. More funds should be allocated for family planning, mother and child care and birth control programmes under the Five Year Plan. Another reason is the growing birth rate especially in the poor and developing countries. In an attempt to satisfy their needs, the humans are cutting down on forests that serve as a shelter for the wild animals. This should be done repeatedly by means of radio, television, internet and other forms of communication.

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It is all being done to accommodate the growing population. Political Environment, countries that enjoy a stable government and a healthy political environment are densely populated. It is rising at the rate of about one million heads every month. . Ironically while the human population is increasing at a rapid pace, the population of animals is going down. Ours is a hot country. . With the help of medicine, better doctors, better housing, and a better way of life than before, the living standards are raised, which increases life. These poor nations are already finding it hard to feed the people, and the decrease in water, energy, and food only makes things worse. 03, essay on problem based learning population Problem of India.

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