Nothing to hide argument essay

nothing to hide argument essay

balanced against conflicting interests because courts, legislators, and others fail even to recognize that privacy is implicated. Paul pioneer press, Aug. Bottom line: governments of nation states feel security trumps privacy period. 475, 478 (1968 see also inness, supra note 45, at 95 ( Privacy is valuable because it acknowledges our respect for persons as 760 17 VOL. Sometimes the nothing to hide argument is posed as a question: If you have nothing to hide, then what do you have to fear?

nothing to hide argument essay

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26 It s not about having anything to hide, it s about things not being anyone else s business. I don t think I had that much hidden from the government in the first place. You may be harming me, but it is not a problem of privacy. Its value will differ substantially depending upon the kind of problem or harm we are safeguarding against. The problem, in short, is not with finding an answer to the question: If you ve got nothing to hide, then what do you have to fear? Posner, economic analysis OF LAW 46 (5th. Stone, Commentary, Freedom and Public Responsibility, CHI. As Robert Post has argued, privacy is not merely a set of restraints on society s rules and norms. At its core, the nothing to hide argument emerges from a conception of privacy and its value. Only those who are engaged in illegal activities have a reason to hide this information. Instead, they are problems of information processing the storage, use, or analysis of data rather than information collection.

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