Jimmy carter arctic national wildlife refuge essay analysis

jimmy carter arctic national wildlife refuge essay analysis

and Canada. 11 The controversy surrounds drilling for oil in a subsection of the coastal plain, known as the "1002 area". Much controversial, the polar bears are widely affected by the climate change happening in this region. This often leads them to relying on trash abundances for nutrition. This phenomenon is called the albedo effect. 16 Climate change is happening faster and more severe in the Arctic compared to the rest of the world.

"Regional Studies - Alaska Petroleum Studies, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (anwr-1002 area. The reason for this is because they inhabit a protected area deigned the Artic National Wildlife Refuge in e anwr is one of the last places on earth where artic and sub artic land remains intact and is kept that way. This can be shown through its variety of uses and its necessity in our lives and for our well being. Other year-round residents of the boreal forest include moose, polar foxes, beavers, Canadian lynxes, martens, red foxes, river otters, porcupines, muskrats, black bears, wolverines, and minks.

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These bears are known for traveling in the region to den and give birth. Oil spills are dangerous because it has lasting effects on all life cycles. The refuge was created under the Public Land Order 2214 in 1960, and was expanded in 1980 through the Alaska National Interest Land Conservation Act (U.S. The debate mainly concerns the "Section of 1002" in anwr. A continuum of six different ecozones spans about 200 miles (300 km) north to south.

jimmy carter arctic national wildlife refuge essay analysis