Feminist essays on hamlet

feminist essays on hamlet

by Polonius and Laertes - the double voice of the patriarchy. The distinctions between masculine and feminine are blurred - in a sense Antony and Cleopatra swap roles, continually embracing both their masculine and feminine selves and thus experiencing a full bonding of souls. At the beginning of the play, Gertrude lies more with her husband than her son; however, after the closet scene the whole situation is switched. "The Hamlet Project Chicago".

I am poison'd." 3, other characters' views of the Queen are largely negative. However, when she is married she slips into the role of the submissive wife. The Closet Scene : Hamlet.4. The first words of the play, spoken by Philo, illustrate the growing condemnation of Antony's untraditional behaviour, which is not confined within the 'measure' of patriarchy: 'Nay but this dotage of our General's / O'erflows the measure'. Although at one level this decline into madness sets Ophelia up indisputably as a victim figure, on a deeper level perhaps her madness itself can be seen as Ophelia's active rejection of patriarchal restraint. As Woodbridge says, 'Antony and Cleopatra can cross gender boundaries without losing their sex roles as man or woman'.