Essay on drug enforcement agency

essay on drug enforcement agency

legalizing marijuana, one can not help but wonder what the future holds for the Drug Enforcement Administration. The High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program was created by congress to provide assistance to federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement in areas of the United States where drug trafficking is at an high. Bush called for the DEA to work with the counterparts overseas to reduce the supply of drugs. Further load is lain upon the DEA to support non-enforcement programs aimed at reducing the availability at said substances on the market. It consists of New Mexico, West Texas, South Texas, Arizona and the California Alliance Border Group. There are two different websites designed by the DEA provided to the teen youth and their caregivers. Marijuana and Cocaine were looked at as a non-addictive, less serious drug. It can be made in any average kitchen. Being a Diversion Investigator is the most challenging career choices in the DEA field.

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essay on drug enforcement agency

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The third department of the Forensic Sciences department is the Forensic Computer Examiner. Support initiatives to reduce the demand for drugs and give assistance to community coalitions and drug prevention initiatives. By the 1960's the two agencies charged with drug law enforcement were the Bureau of Drug Abuse Control and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics. Diversion Investigators are responsible for putting together investigations on the fastest growing drug issue, phony, Internet pharmacies. Bringing in dangerous and violent drug traffickers from Cuba and Colombia and other Latin American countries. The Drug Enforcement Administration started with a purpose to control and fight against drug smuggling and use within the United States and control the usage of illicit drugs. Role of the Drug Enforcement Agency. In 1960, only four million Americans had ever tried drugs. The early nineties, Americans considered the issue on drugs as a huge concern, spreading knowledge and awareness on drug abuse and drug trafficking throughout the nation. A background in law enforcement or military is highly recommended and must have excellent hearing and sight for this position. Some of the other responsibilities include:Investigation and preparation for prosecution of criminals and drug gangs who perform violence in local communities and torment citizens with fear and intimidationWork with all levels of citizen management to maintain a national drug intelligence programSeizure of assets used. It is a multi-faceted agency which houses investigators, lawyers, special agents, aviators, chemists and researchers, fingerprint analysts, information technologists, and a population of pencil pushers from human resource departments to accounting specialists.

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